E-Commerce Regional dominance over Competitors across main services via PPC and SEO with significant Performance gains.

Emma Lowe Photography – Commercial & Weddings

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Our Client

Emma Lowe Photography is a leading Commercial, Newborn and Wedding photographer based in the Midlands. Working with her tier 1 clients such as Marks & Spencers, Harrods, Tesco, Hobbycraft and many others, as well as capturing her domestic client’s Weddings across the top Midland’s Venues and their Newborn babies at her custom studio.

The SEO objective was clear, dominant Organic Ranking positions for the key services across the midlands with a central point in Rugby, Warwickshire, whilst presenting in the top 5 for large cities in the area.

The PPC objective was similarly clear, to improve on the existing Account performance delivering higher returns and expanding revenue month on month.

  • Lead rate increased 30%.
  • Cost per Lead held for delivering a higher ROAS performance.
  • Improved Lead quality, delivering higher average Sale values.

The Challenge & Strategy

The Client operates within 5 distinct Photography Markets, covering multiple geographic regions. The challenge was to achieve the market dominance across the main 3 Markets, with difference geographic targeting, from local 30miles around Rugby Town, extending out to cover central England for Commercial high Value clients.

Previous PPC campaigns, prior to our management had fluctuated wildly with little to no consistency albeit demonstrating the scope if managed correctly with innovative and highly target campaigns. Each individual target Market, Wedding Photographer, Commercial Photographer, Corporate Headshots and Newborn Photoshoots, required specific strategies with significant variations in Adspend Budgets, ROAS Targets, Cost Per Conversion limits and conversion time.

There was also significant input into the website design, user experience, and conversion track.


The Results

There were a number of rapid SEO gains, moving into first page and top of first page positions, with #P1 positions on the first page delivered periodically with impressive consistency and growth. The objective to dominate local rankings for the key services was achieved, but the extent of dominance was even more impressive.

Following a significant website redesign, re-brand and shift in primary markets, our team worked hard to enable the transition and recover lost ranking position as the client shifted their focus. With our support the transition was as smooth as possible, with ranking held, regained and the primary focus capitalised upon.

The PPC performance continues to deliver exceptional performance, most recently having undergone a significant rebuild to target even higher ROAS targets, i.e. more revenue for every pound spent.


Client’s Thoughts

The Client was over the moon, having had many bad experiences with PPC from other agencies and poor SEO rankings.

The Client continues to develop the SEO and PPC strategies working closely, providing excellent feedback on sales and lead quality, whilst challenging our team to continually achieve even higher ROAS and Revenue.

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