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Intercity Contractors

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Our Client

Intercity Contractors are a leading provider of shot blasting and specialist coatings, with facilities in both Coventry and London. They take on work from both domestic and commercial clients, jobs ranging from small one off pieces to multi-day coating projects.

Attracting work both locally and within London was a top priority for Intercity, all while competing with many other companies locally. They approached Global Search Marketing with the task of a local and national SEO campaign to increase enquiries to their website.

  • Organic traffic increased by 200%
  • Website enquiries increased by 800%
  • Conversion rate increased by 250%

The Challenge

Global Search Marketing identified a number of areas where the website would benefit from improvements to both SEO and site structure. The site also had previous SEO work done in the past which would all need to be replaced. All of this would need to be complimented by a backlinking strategy as the website was severely lacking in this area.

The client expressed they would like to target shot blasting in the already highly competitive local area. This presented a challenge for the SEO campaign, one which Global Search Marketing were happy to take on. Competitor research began, a strategy was formed with staged implementation and periodic performance meetings.


Our Strategy

Our SEO strategy consisted of onsite and offsite work with a combination of additional website UX fixes. Pages were targeted towards the local market initially, capturing local traffic then converting into enquiries. Our team implemented a content plan over the first few months with the agreement of Intercity, this supported the other SEO work and further increased enquiries.

Significant success was proven early on with the campaign, this led to further improvements of the UX and site architecture of the website. Approval from Intercity themselves, allowed us to make the changes necessary to the site for improved conversions and easier navigation. The success of this was evidenced by an improvement in conversions from the website and enquiry quality. A backlink strategy was a key to the success of the campaign, with a plan of regular monthly links providing a foundation to all of the onsite work.


The Results

After a few months of hard work implementing all of the SEO improvements, Intercity reaped the benefits of an uplift in enquiries and traffic to their website. Our SEO team delivered an increase of 200% in organic search traffic and a significant increase in website enquiries.

Improvements are continuing all of the time and at the time of writing, keyword rankings and traffic are increasing month on month.

  • Organic traffic increased by 200%.
  • Website enquiries increased by 800%.
  • Conversion rate increased by 250%.

Client’s Thoughts

Intercity questioned their previous SEO work and its effectiveness, this led them to looking elsewhere for help with their marketing. The initial results we got from the SEO campaign instilled confidence with Intercity and showed the changes implemented to be effective.

The CEO of Intercity, Andy Marshall is extremely pleased with the results and progress of the SEO campaign. New targets and other avenues to explore are now set for the SEO over the next 12 months.

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