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Global Search Marketing are a leading Google Premier Partner specialising in E-Commerce and Lead Generation PPC Management with offices in Birmingham, London and Manchester.

Discover how our PPC teams can deliver intelligent PPC campaigns, designed to maximise your ROAS, Profitability and Revenue. Our PPC teams have a proven record of generating PPC performance across multiple Paid Media Channels in UK & International markets.

  • Increasing your Returns (ROAS)
  • Increasing your Profitability
  • Increasing your Revenue

What can our PPC Management Achieve

Working with Global Search Marketing’s specialist PPC teams offers knowledge and expertise across multiple Paid Media channels with an emphasis on dynamically modelling performance outcomes to maximise your ROAS, Revenue and Profitability.

Increased ROAS

Identifying existing &/or new campaigns with opportunities to increase the Return on Ad-Spend. E.g. for every £1 spent on PPC we’d delivery not £5 Revenue but strive for £8-£10. Equally identification of underperforming and wasteful campaigns to enable reallocation of budgets to improve Account level ROAS.

Increased Profitability

Increasing Profitability as an overall objective, can be achieved by modelling and exploring ROAS and Revenue strategies to achieve the optimum Profitability for your Business. E.g. even a company with strong revenue figures, can have poor profitability due to factors such as insufficient ROAS, Margins and Costs.

Increased Revenue

Managing Revenue typically involves modelling and effective application of ROAS and Profitability/Margins. Our teams are experts in achieving the optimum Revenue to match your operational requirements for Returns and Profit. E.g. marginally reducing ROAS and % Profit can increase Revenue.