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97% of Users Search for Local Businesses Online

Did you know that 46% of all Google Searches want to see local businesses? With such a high percentage of users looking for local businesses if you aren’t ranking for key terms in your area you’ll be missing out on sales.

Whether your audience is 100% local, or you’re a business with multiple branches a local SEO strategy is essential if you want to take advantage of the fact that 28% of all local searches lead to some form of conversion or sale.

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Our Local SEO Services

  • Google My Business

    The heart of Google’s understanding of local businesses. Proper set up and management is essential for local SEO success.

  • Local Citations

    Having your business seen on sites related to your local area sends a strong signal to Google that you’re assoicated with the area you serve.

  • Local Link Building

    Build links to your site from websites associated with your local area to boost your backlink profile and your local digital footprint.

  • Local Digital PR

    Get seen in your local area with a local digital PR approach that delivers you links and brand awareness.

  • On-Site Optimisation

    Build your visibility in your local area, or in the areas you service with content optimisation & specially focused content creation.

  • NAP Continuity

    Keep your contact details and address accurate online and be seen as a trusthworthy website by search engines.


Increasing Leads By 13x

Through Digital PR we were able to significantly increase the number of leads generated through the Simply Thatch website and drastically improve the strength of their SEO & backlink profile.


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Why You Need Local SEO ….

Local SEO is often the forgotten part of a company’s SEO strategy as often localised key terms don’t have as much search volume as their national equivalents, but that’s not an accurate picture of how important Local SEO is.

Google constantly looks at the intent behind search terms to determine what websites should rank for a key term. One aspect of the intent that they look at is whether a local business is going to be preferable to the user than a business based elsewhere in the country.

This focus on intent means that even non localised key terms will have a local element to it. If you search for “makeup school” in Birmingham, you’ll get different result than if you were in Manchester or London. Which means to rank well in your own backyard you need an SEO strategy that emphasises your location or you may risk missing out traffic that’s easy for you to acquire.

Local SEO strategies don’t even need to be totally separate to your regular SEO strategy. You can add on a local SEO element to almost any strategy and it will not only increase your traffic and sales but will provide wider benefits to your SEO strategy as well.


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You can find hundreds, if not thousands, of SEO consultants and agencies that will claim they can get you ranking in your local area, but most are just Developers and one-man bands who aren’t at the cutting edge of SEO like we are.

We’re not just an award-winning SEO Agency, but we’re also SEM Rush Partners and Premier Google Partners. This puts us in the top 1% agencies in the UK, and means you know we have the knowledge and expertise to help you grow your business and generate more sales from your local area.

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Your SEO Questions Answered

Got questions? We’ve got the answers and then some…

Local SEO is a sub-section of Search Engine Optimisation that is focused on getting a business or organisation visible in the Search Engine Result’s page (SERP’s) within specific geographic regions. For instance, if an IT company served only the West Midlands due to limitations on how far their people could travel, they would be the sort of business that would benefit from Local SEO.

Local SEO can benefit most businesses, but some are more reliant on it than others. This is because Google looks at the intent behind users searching for things and makes judgements as to what sort websites to serve them in the results. For example, if you search for the terms makeup school, you’ll find the results on the first page to largely be local to your area, so for a makeup school you’d be more reliant on a Local SEO strategy than a national one. answer. Test answer. Test answer. Test answer. Test answer. Test answer. Test answer. Test answer. Test answer. Test answer. Test answer. Test answer. Test answer. Test answer. Test answer. Test answer.

The elements that go into a local SEO strategy are almost identical to a regular SEO strategy, but there are elements that are different. The sort of backlinks you generate, the importance of review to the ranking algorithm, as well as the very key terms you’re attempting to rank for can all be different.

Much like any other form of SEO, local SEO will allow you to bring in high quality traffic that has a good chance of converting on your website. This means additional leads and sales, but it can also help businesses with a physical presence that customers can visit by driving increased footfall, meaning that even businesses that aren’t reliant on digital marketing to drive business can benefit from a local SEO strategy.

Costs for local SEO strategies can be varied. Some national businesses utilise Local SEO strategies for their individual branches, which can get costly, but overall costs tend to start from around £400 / month. It really does depend on the sector you’re in though, as more competitive sectors will require more time and investment to become competitive in the SERP’s just like a regular SEO strategy.