A PPC Management Agency With A Truly Unique Approach

Birmingham PPC Agency utilising a range of platforms to deliver outstanding PPC services, the best ROI, increased brand awareness and reduced costs.

  • Creativity from a PPC agency that puts businesses on top of every platform

    We work across multiple PPC platforms to get your business in front of your customers wherever they are on the internet! It’s not just about making Google happy – our PPC spans other platforms like Bing, Adroll and an assortment of social platforms to ensure maximum brand exposure. We are consistently learning from the behaviours of visitors to your site and honing our skills to deliver a truly unique approach to PPC management. By utilising the most up-to-date techniques, we are able to evolve alongside PPC to achieve a healthy and consistent ROI worth between four and ten times your investment and beyond.

  • Online Marketing Through Paid Search – We Aren’t Premier Partners For Nothing!

    Our PPC Management team are motivated for one reason – they love what they do. Every account is a fresh challenge and that challenge is always tackled with determination. It’s not just about ranking – it is about reducing CPA, increasing CTR, brand exposure and finding valuable business that result in quality conversions. What do we do when we aren’t working on campaigns? Staying up to date with the latest digital movements of course!

    Our PPC agency doesn’t work to a one size fits all package. We understand that your business offers something unique and your online advertising has to reflect that. We make our decisions based on knowledge gained through years in the industry, data compiled through the platforms we utilise, the behaviour of people visiting your site and the website itself. This information allows us to consistently improve your paid search and advise on the best platforms to meet your ROI targets.

  • PPC management aimed at results

    Taking a professional approach to your PPC management, our PPC agency team are ready to help you ensure that your PPC campaigns are delivering the return that you require. We’re so confident about our PPC services that we will offer you a free review and won’t tie you into a contract straight away. That way we can prove that we can improve your PPC campaigns. So contact us today and start increasing your ROI.

Specialists in PPC Management

Search Ads

By advertising on Google, Bing and Yahoo we can dominate the digital market and increase the chances of your ads being seen by potential customers. Our certified account managers continuously work on your campaign to keep you ahead of the competition.

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Display Ads

We advertise your business on websites where potential customers spend their time. Paid search is not just about the search network, we use placements to target new customers or gently remind people who you are to win their business.

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Programmatic Ads

This dynamic form of advertising allows you to show relevant ads to potential customers based on their experience on your site. This works to remind people about what you offer and invites them to return to your site to invest.

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Remarketing Ads

From RLSA to display remarketing, we target non-converters on your site and follow them around the internet encouraging them to make that all-important purchase. Don’t worry, it isn’t as creepy as it sounds!

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Shopping Ads

For e-commerce companies, a shopping campaign is the way to go. Don’t just tell a potential customer what you sell, show them! Advertising exactly what you offer in a visual way increases relevant clicks and gains more qualified leads.

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Mobile Ads

Mobile devices play a fundamental role in the day-to-day lives of the people you are looking to sell to. So it’s important that your ads are compatible with mobile devices and bids are targeted to them. Enter Global Search Marketing.

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Video Ads

We are living in an increasingly visual world, so let’s dive in and advertise our businesses in a visual way. Through targeting specific audiences, video advertising is a measurable way of getting your services in front of the right people.

Email Marketing

Another platform to advertise your business. Email the latest news, advertise sales and request feedback to past, present, or future customers via email. We like to think of it as a more personal way of saying hi.

Consultancy / Review

For businesses who already have an active online paid search campaign, we offer a consultancy and review service where we analyse the current set-up of your campaign and offer advice and potential improvements.

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