Case Study

Jean Store

Our PPC solutions lead Jean Store to increase their online sales by 570% year-on-year.

The Client

Jean Store is the UK’s oldest denim store, established in 1967 on the south coast of England as the first denim specialist of its kind. The store was opened at a time when there was a huge demand for brands such as Levi’s® and Wrangler, with classic Americana becoming a huge fashion statement worldwide. Jean Store began to import Levi’s® directly from the USA and became a huge success, stocking iconic styles such as the original 501. To this day, Jean Store remains one of the UK’s oldest Levi’s® stockists.

The Challenge

Jean Store came to us with the objective of driving online sales for their range of Denim brands. They were keen to increase order volumes as well as improve their return on investment from online advertising. With good customer loyalty and many returning customers, having sight on the lifetime value of customers enabled us to be more aggressive with customer acquisition, primarily through PPC.

Our Strategy

Our long-term PPC campaign for Jean Store targeted 3 different areas:

  • Paid search & shopping ads
  • Display & remarketing ads
  • Paid social ads

We developed a series of campaigns across these channels with their own primary objectives, which included selling jeans, associated products by big-name denim brands and expanding the store’s online audience.

The Results

Our long-term PPC campaign was an undeniable success.

We saw a year on year increase in:

  • 1,425% growth in advertising spend
  • 570% increase in online sales
  • 330% increase in the average order value
  • All while improving the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by 15%
  • Engagements across all social media channels
Increase in advertising spend
Increase in online sales
Increase in the average order value

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